Social Anxiety Disorder Resources and Guide
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Social Anxiety In the Workplace

Tim is 30, and he’s a graphic designer for a website design firm. He likes his job because he mostly works alone and only occasionally has to interact with coworkers or supervisors. The company is extremely pleased with his work, and they would like to put him in charge of a division of the company.

Tim doesn’t know what to do. He knows that the job will bring more money, prestige, and challenging situations in which he can stretch his knowledge, and all of these things are of great interest to him. The promotion also means that he will be in charge of several people and have to interact with them on an almost constant basis.

There will be more pressure to perform and be in contact with his superiors as well.

What if everyone realizes that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about? What if he doesn’t come across as a good authority figure? What if he says something stupid or someone doesn’t agree with the choices he makes?

He knows he’s capable of the job, but his irrational fears are too great. He turns down the promotion.

He wants to be successful and move forward in his career, but the thought of being put in this position causes him so much overwhelming anxiety that he can’t function at that high a level.


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